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Inner Healing

Inner healing is a process that deals with inner emotional pain.  Negative life experiences may cause inner pain.  An example would be mistreatment or abuse from parents.  This may include being ignored or not being valued or loved. Negative experiences are the cause of emotional pain which a person can carry long after the damage occurred.  A person who suffers rejection in childhood may have ongoing evidence of this in the present.  This person may find it difficult to love others, experience depression, or have a negative attitude about life because of the damage.

Counselors give careful consideration to the possibility of a mental disorder or condition being present in the client which may need treatment.  If a disorder is present, and has previously diagnosed, this does not mean that inner healing is unnecessary.  The endeavor of inner healing is a faith-based approach to take away pain and negative effects of hurt from the past, to help strengthen individuals and families with emotional healing, and help them thrive in life.

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