Why Your Child Should Have a Temperament Test

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

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Most people who have spent time with infants and children know that at a very young age their identities are different. Even among siblings, children can and do have very different likes and dislikes, reactions, activity levels, and other traits . Caregivers, parents, and Savannah counseling experts will tell you that discipline methods and teaching do not work the same with every child because temperament varies among children.

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Our temperament analysis test allows you to see your child for the individual that he is and to respect his particular inborn tendency traits. Once these concepts are known and understood, parents can establish an environment and discipline to allow the child to grow and develop in a meaningful way. The temperament analysis profile is an excellent testing mechanism for children, adolescents, and adults.

When parents are challenged and have conflict with their children, they commonly say things like:

"The children are driving us crazy."

"They don't do their homework."

"We've tried this and we've tried that. Nothing works"

"My teenager is so rude and angry."

"How do I help them with all of this?"

The temperament analysis profile can be administered in 10 minutes and has only 60 questions.

The test generates 12 pages of information including specific parental recommendations for your individual child. This test tells the following and much more:

  • How your child expresses anger

  • Why he/she gets angry

  • Level of self-esteem

  • How he/she gets along with others

  • How much control your child will allow you to have over them

  • Leadership capabilities

  • How critical of self and others, sabotaging their own self esteem level and how they interact with others

  • Intimate relationships — a predictor of how they marry in the future and how and what kind of problems they will have in the meantime

  • What you can do now to help your children while they are still young

  • How to communicate with your child

  • Discipline

  • Decision Making

The test results help parents raise children in ways that are beneficial to each individual child. The test is 95% accurate and extremely helpful.

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