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Individual, Marriage, and Family counselors here to help you                "navigate your pathway to help, healing, and happiness".  


Our Clinical Pastoral Counseling Services are provided to adults, children, adolescents, and families.  The Life Coaching Services are provided to adults, couples, parents, and families.  Temperament Services meet the needs of adults, families, local businesses, nonprofits, churches, and institutions. The Educational Services we offer prepare men and women to earn nationally recognized credentials and degrees in Christian Counseling or Pastoral Counseling.


All services are provided on a nondiscriminatory basis. 

Contact Dr. Brenda Graham to learn more. 

We Help With:
Anxiety Issues
Anger Management
Behavioral Issues
Communication Issues
Grief and Loss
Inner Healing
Work Related Issues
And More . . .
Counseling Services 
Life Coaching Service
  • Personal Life Coaching 
  • Parental Life Coaching 

  • Spiritual Life Coaching

Temperament Services
  • Infant Temperament Assessment
  • Toddler Temperament Assessment 

  • Pre-Schoolers Temperament Assessment

  • Child Temperament Assessment  

  • Adolescent Temperament Assessment

  • Parents Temperament Assessment

  • Adult Temperament Assessment

  • Personnel Temperament Assessment 

Consultative Services
  • Personnel Temperament Consulting
  • Leaders Temperament Consulting

  • Managament Temperament Consulting

​​Educational Services
  • N.C.C.A. Certification and License 

  • N.C.C.A. License and Bachelors Degree

  • N.C.C.A. License and Masters Degree

  • N.C.C.A. License and PhD Degree

  • N.C.C.A. License and 2nd PhD

  • N.C.C.A. Program Supervision

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