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Temperament Assessments

Temperament determines how we interact with those around us and our environment. It also determines our perception of the people around  us as well as ourselves. It is the inborn part of each individual that determines how we react to places. people, and things.


Arno Profile System (APS)

Temperament Test

The Arno Profile System (APS) is a computerized report based on the theory of the five (5) temperaments.  The fifth temperament, the Supine, was discovered by Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno in 1983 following research conducted with 5000 individuals.  The five temperaments are Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Supine. Most people are a combination of more than one temperament. Learn more about the five temperaments here.


The APS is a faith-based tool available for adults, adolescents, children, and personnel. It is not a personality test.  The APS identifies an individual's inborn temperament. Temperament is God given so that we can accomplish in life whatever He designed us to do.  Even, at birth, every newborn baby is different.  Temperament is evidenced by the fact that observation of infants and children show that each of us are born with great differences. We recommend that parents have us test their child using the Arno Profile System at age seven. 

The APS identifies temperament in three areas:


  • Inclusion - social orientation and intellectual energy.

  • Control- willingness to make decisions and accept responsibility.

  • Affection - need to express and receive love.


Pathway Counseling of Savannah (PCOS) offers the the following APS Reports:


  • Clinical Report - required for use by your certified service provider

  • Adult APS Report - for individuals age 18+

  • Child APS Report - for children ages 7-12 (parental consent required)

  • Adolescent APS Report - for teens ages 13-17 (parental consent required)

  • Personnel - for your by employers 


The APS must be administered by a certified and trained counselor or life coach. The APS Questionnaire can be administered in person or electronically as agreed upon with your service provider.  After purchase, and completion of the questionnaire, the profile will be provided to you electronically or in person by Dr. Brenda Graham.  A scheduled in-person or phone appointment is required to receive the results.  The APS Reports are not provided automatically for download after completion of the APS Questionnaire.  Additional fee-based services may be recommended. 

Who can benefit from APS?

  • Adults

  • Couples

  • Parents

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Families

  • Employment Agencies

  • Personnel Departments

  • Church Staff


The cost of each report is as follows:

  • Clinical APS Report: $35.00 per adult, adolescent, or child (not applicable with personnel reports)

  • Clinical APS Report and APS Report + Analysis:  $110 per individual

  • Adult Personal APS Test + Analysis:  $75.00 per person

  • Child Personal APS Test + Analysis: $75.00 per child

  • Adolescent Personal APS  Test + Analysis: $75.00 per teen

  • Personnel APS Report Test + Analysis: $75.00 per applicant or employee

  • Marital or Pre-Marital APS Report: $140.00 per married or engaged couple

  • Parental APS Report + Analysis: $140 up to two parents or guardians

  • Personnel and Personal APS + Analysis: $140.00 per individual

  • Family APS Report Discounts: $70.00 per same household family member (request an invoice)

  • Group APS Report Discounts (10 or more individuals required): $70 per person (request an invoice)

Results of the Arno Profile System test is analyzed by a trained and certified provider.  The Clinical APS Report provides in­ depth information and the best way to counsel, or coach, the individual.  This saves you time and money.  It analyzes the individual's needs, natural traits, strengths and weaknesses according to temperament.


The APS enables a qualified provider to identify the individuals root problems faster and more accurately. The APS has a proven accuracy rate of 92%. 

3 Easy Steps to Identify Your Temperament:

  1. Order Here Remit Payment, Note Type of Report Requested, and Provide Your First and Last Name.

  2. Schedule Appointment - Request an In-Person or Phone Meeting (included in fee). 

  3. Explore Available Services Meet with Dr. Brenda Graham to review your results and learn more. 

Need more information about the APS and related services?  Contact us Dr. Brenda Graham.

Infant and Toddler Assessments

Temperament is an important part of childhood development including social and emotional health. It describes the way we approach and react to the world around us, and it is our own personal "style" that is present from birth. Three types of infant and toddler temperament aredescribed as:


  • ​Easy-going - mostly  happy, active from birth and adjust to new situations and environments. 

  • Slow to warm - observant, calm, and occasionally need extra time in adjusting to new situations.

  • Active - tend to have varied routines and usually approach life with enthusiasm.

While you can observe some of the traits yourself, it is important to enlist the help of a professional for professional assessment of your infant or tolder.  Then, when they reach the age of seven, come back and let us administer the  Arno Profile System (APS) for children ages 7 to 12.  


Children usually are in one of the three types of temperament but usually have varying behavior across the common temperament traits.  Common traits are as follows: Activity level, Distractibility, Intensity, Regularity, Sensitivity,  Approachability,  Adaptability, and Persistence Mood

You will find Dr. Brenda Graham's experience and expertise to be invaluable when it comes to counseling and life coaching services for parents of infants and toddlers.  We are here to help you and your family ensure that your children are health and happy. 


Contact Dr. Brenda Graham for more information about temperament services for parents and their infants and toddlers. 

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